We’re excited to announce that out next event “TEDxNakaseroWomen 2016” will be happening Thursday October 27, 2016.

TEDxNakaseroWomen gives a voice and celebrates women and girls vital contributions, innovation and great ideas in our communities. Our theme this year is: “It’s About Time.”

As a member, attendee and supporter of our TEDx community in Uganda, we invite you to expand on those ideas this year by nominating yourself or another person that you believe has an idea worth sharing to speak at the event.

TEDxNakaseroWomen, like our previous event relies on you , volunteers and well wishers to suggest great speakers and ideas worth spreading. So if you or someone you know can make a great TED speaker, please let us know so just like you did it last year, we are looking forward to a spectacular event once again!

To make this a success,TEDxNakaseroWomen is as well  seeking for partners and sponsors to share in our quest of spreading ideas worth sharing. Please let us know where you can help by getting in touch with our organizing team on cell+256772319606 or email tedx.nakaserowomen@gmail.com. We appreciate assistance in all ways.