1. The ``Unpredictables``

“Unpredictables were created in Uganda (2013) with great love for jazz standards and strong passion for improvisation. After few live performances they started to create their own music through live improvisations and art of vocal looping, in a smaller combo (trio) with vocalist Katja Lenart, guitarist Marshal Edgar and trumpeter Timothy Nabulwa. They recorded two singles – “Latino Lover” and “Christmas tree song” in 2014 and are now working on their first album.”
On TEDx Nakasero Women event the band will perform as a duet (Katja & Marshal), but since Unpredictables can be worth of their name, you can never know what to expect…really :)

More about the members:

Timothy Nabulwa

(trumpet, beat)

Timothy is Ugandan musician who has been working with variety of musicians in Uganda and worldwide (Maurice Kirya, Kaz Kasozi, Osca and Friends). He performed in Europe (Germany, Austria, Belgium) and can play many instruments (guitar, drums, bass guitar, African traditional instruments…)

Katja Lenart

(vocal, accordion)

Katja (Slovenia) came to Uganda in August 2009. She is a jazz singer and accordionist, who has been learning from some great jazz vocalists (Miles Griffith, Judy Niemack, Guillermo Rozenthuler), performed with different bands worldwide and co-created The Real band and Unpredictables in Uganda.

Marshal Edgar

(guitar, adungu)

Marshall (Uganda) is a very talented jazz guitarist and a song writer, who also plays contemporary piano, violin, accordion, drums, xylophone, tube fiddle and adungu. He loves jazz, latino and improvisation.

2. Susan Nakirijja

Susan Nakirijja

Susan Nakirijja is a new artist in Uganda with a background as a church choir vocalist. For a period of time, Susan has inspiringly shared her powerful voice with members of her Church in the Eastern town of Mbale. She is also a Radio Presenter with Step FM/TV , one of the leading media houses in the region.

Desirous of positive change, Susan would uses her music to inspire and stimulate hard work, peace, unity and love amongst the young, the old and all folks in the world.

3. Bridget Ziraba

Bridget Ziraba

Bridget Ziraba is a student at Kololo Senior Secondary School. At 18 years of age, Bridget envisions a world where girls and women are the strongest movers and shakers in all aspects of leadership and development.

Bridget draws her inspiration from current women leaders like USA’s Hilary Clinton, Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and Uganda’s Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga.
At this TEDxNakaseroWomen event, Bridget will share her passion through a poem she has called “Super Woman.”