TEDxNakaseroED: Change of Event Date

Hello TEDxNakasero community,

Thank you so much for your support while we have been working towards having our first TEDx Education event in August!

So many of you have been sending inquiries about our next steps, the actual event and how best you can get involved.

We would like to inform you that after careful consideration, the organizing committee has resolved to postpone the TEDxNakaseroED event from the initially stated date of August 23rd 2014 to a later date in the month of November. Tentative date is November 22nd 2014.

We want to be sure we have enough resources and volunteer time to commit to creating an amazing program for TEDxNakaseroED that you are excited to be part of.

We thank you so much for all your assistance so far and the voluntary spirit you have exhibited in ensuring this event is as successful as our previous event last year.

TEDxNakaseroED team also extends our gratitude to our confirmed speakers who have patiently waited in preparation for this day, to share their inspirational and great educational ideas with us and the rest of the world.

We are excited to announce more information very soon and look forward to sharing with you our next steps.

To everyone, thank you again for your enormous support to growing the TEDx community and promoting our local ideas worth spreading.

We look forward to a more exciting and meaningful event, come November 22nd 2014.

For any questions please email: tedx.nakaserowomen@gmail.com


—Team TEDxNakaseroED.

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