Welcome to TEDxNakaseroWomen on the web!

The event featured the live stream, local and international speakers, and entertainers as we joined in a celebration of female inventors and designers, thinkers and makers, local problem-solvers and global leaders who are changing the world today. Our theme remains: Invented Here.


TED is a global foundation devoted to Ideas worth Spreading. It started out in 1984 as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, and Design. Since then, its scope has become ever broader.

With its two annual conferences, video website TED.com, initiatives and community projects, TED is now a platform and a global movement focused on meaningful change through the power of ideas.


TEDxNakaseroWomen is a TED.com Licensed event with a mission to create change through spreading great ideas.

TEDxNakaseroWomen is independently organized around the live webcast of TEDWomen a one – day event curated by Ted and Pat Mitchell. This Year TEDWomen will take place on December 5th 2013 in San Francisco.

TEDxNakaseroWomen will be held on December 6th 2013 and will feature the live stream as well as local speakers plus entertainment. Time: 5.00 p.m. – 10.00 p.m.

Among these shall be a suite of short, carefully prepared talks, demonstrations and performances on a wide range of subjects to foster learning, inspiration and wonder plus provoke conversations that matter. TEDxNakaseroWomen is being organized by a team of relatively young innovative and professional women and men who are passionate, dedicated and believe in spreading different ideas for the positive change that we need for development.

We believe that TEDxNakaseroWomen is a meaningful and timely platform for the people of Kampala to engage in ideas worth spreading, to learn and hear about innovations that often times nobody notices and to steer conversations that stimulate debate for development.

By supporting us, you join the global TEDx community, and benefit from TEDxNakaseroWomen’s individually tailored, local flavor. Becoming a TEDxNakaseroWomen Partner means you share in our vision of spreading ideas that are intended to change the world for the better.


TEDx was created in the spirit of TED’s mission, Ideas worth Spreading. The program is designed to give communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at the local level.

At TEDx events, a screening of TEDTalks videos — or a combination of live presenters and TEDTalks videos — spark deep conversation and connections.

TEDx Organizers are not hosting events for political reasons, monetary reward or personal gain. They are doing so because they truly believe in the power of ideas to change the world. TEDx events are open source, local and community-driven events that inspire innovation, thought leadership and visionary insight.


As first time licensees, TEDxNakaseroWomen will host an audience of 100 people. Our venue is the Sheraton Hotel, Kampala.


This independently organized TEDxNakaseroWomen event is not for monetary or personal gain. We are doing this because we believe in the power of ideas worth spreading. In order to host a quality event, we need your support.

As a TEDx Partner in support of TEDxNakaseroWomen, you will have an opportunity to test your ideas for the future, and be challenged to positively impact your community and the planet in new ways; you will also have the opportunity to engage in an authentic dialogue with an elusive yet valuable audience: passionate, open-minded people in your community. We encourage you to join in a collaborative relationship with the TEDxNakaseroWomen community by supporting our TEDxNakaseroWomen event.

We encourage you to see TEDxNakaseroWomen as an incubator for new ideas within your institution and a way to engage in an authentic dialogue with your local community.